Domaine Mesliand

The “Domaine MESLIAND” is a family estate, growing 12 hectares of vines. It is located on the north side of the Loire, which is the best sun exposure; only 8 km from AMBOISE.

Our vineyard is made of small plots of land. Each one got its own particularities. That is why some of them gave their name to the wine vintages

(La Pindorgerie, La Besaudière, Les Culs de Boeufs etc).

We grow the five historical grape varieties of our two Touraine appellations (AOC): TOURAINE (Grape varieties : Gamay and Sauvignon Blanc) and TOURAINE AMBOISE (Chenin Blanc, Côt and Cabernet Franc ).

At the moment, our winery is in its way to get the organic wine label.  But ecology and life respect is not a new aim for us. We keep trying to work as coherent as possible, according to our values. That is also why we are trying to reduce engine working. We prefer hand working as much as possible.


We focus on quality. The vineyard is only producing reasonable quantities of grapes (40 hl per hectare at the maximum, less for some vintages). We harvest as mature as possible and hand select the grapes if necessary. The vineyard has grass in the middle of the raws and we plough the vine’s feet.


Our vinification respects the particularities of each grape variety. Each year is unique. We try to reduce as much as possible sulfites additives. We also prefer ancestral methods, like fermentation and growing in oak barrels, but also making sparkling wines from natural fermentation.